Bodybuilder Tips For Photoshop


Bodybuilder Tips For Photoshop

If you start a new exercise routine or diet, it’s a good idea to take photos before and after to see if the results are as expected. Athletes and trainers will both notice details in the photos that can be used as guides to improve problem areas.

It’s not difficult to get your own good bodybuilder photos taken. Simply adhere to the following guidelines:

How to Get Ready

The objective is to photograph muscle and nothing else.

  • Shave the majority of your body hair before the shoot, or remove it with wax or another preferred method. This gives the body a more streamlined appearance.
  • Avoid eating before the photo shoot because a full belly tends to distend and protrude.
  • Work out quickly before the shoot to get your blood flowing and your muscles pumped up.

Applying baby oil or cooking oil to the skin on the arms, legs, and torso will give you a more polished appearance that highlights the curve of muscles and sinew.


Bodybuilding photos are intended to show the athlete at his or her best, so the choice of pose is critical.

  • Inhale deeply and suck in the stomach.
  • To maintain a trim appearance, keep the spine straight or slightly curved back while standing.
  • Tense your arms, legs, chest, and stomach muscles.

Encourage the athlete to do all of these things while smiling. As a result, the photograph will appear more natural, even graceful.

Camera Digital

Digital cameras are excellent choices for those who like to edit a lot.

  • Digital photography allows photos to be uploaded directly to a computer, where they can be meticulously edited using software such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • With digital, things like red-eye can be easily removed. Lighting flaws can also be corrected.
  • Tripods will keep the camera steady, giving you one less thing to worry about when photographing bodybuilding.
  • Illuminate the Subject
  • The keys to a good photograph are good shadows and contrasts.
  • Lighting from above will cast shadows on the muscle’s lower parts.
  • Lights from the bottom will draw attention to the lower abs and make the chest muscles appear slimmer.
  • When taking bodybuilding photos, avoid using a flash because it can distort the natural lighting contrasts.

Before a competition or to track progress over time, good bodybuilding photos can be a huge help in this sport. If you follow the simple rules outlined above, you will see noticeable results.

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